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Ok, so 2019 is officially over!

From a technological standpoint, it was a pretty good year for me.

I managed to deepen my knowledge in almost every frontend related topic. This year I kept betting on React, and with the latest additions (hooks and experimental suspense), it’s been the most joyful tool to use.

In the second part of the year, I switched to being a full-stack developer, so I had to brush up my backend skills.

Additionally, I made my first cross-platform mobile app with Flutter which I really recommend!

My other hot choices from this year would be:

  • TypeScript - it finally clicked and I can’t imagine writing JavaScript without it
  • Cypress - the best and most reliable E2E testing tool out there, my go-to for testing web-apps
  • AdonisJs - a Laravel-like Node.js backend framework


So, what’s next?

The most important thing is I would like to become more of a specialist than a generalist. Having said that, I will focus more on deepening my existing knowledge base then learning new languages.

What are the new technologies/concepts I’m looking forward to learning?

Finite state machines

I’m vaguely familiar with state machines, but I feel that my code could benefit from incorporating them. The tool that I’m going to start with is xstate and it’s great visualizer.


Even though I can write pretty advanced queries, there’s still so much to learn about databases. I chose Postgres because it’s probably the most advanced and powerful database engine.


It’s getting some serious traction. I have consumed GraphQL APIs working on a frontend app, but never built any meaningful backend with it. The tools I’m planning to explore are: Hasura, Postgraphile, and Prisma.

Some other technologies I might want to look at this year: Svelte, Elixir, or Go.

Happy New Year 🎉!

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