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Multiple Postgres databases in Docker container



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This will be a short one.

The official Postgres Docker image supports a few environment variables. One of them, POSTGRES_DB, is responsible for holding a database name. However, if you want your container to include more than one database (e.g app and app_test), you have to reach for different solutions.

One of them is to create a bash script that sets up multiple databases by psql command. Postgres will execute it on database startup inside the container. An example of such script,, can be found here. Credits to mrts at Github.

You can place it in whatever project directory you want, although pg-init-scripts/ might be a good starting point. Then, to make the script visible and executable by Postgres, it has to be mounted to the /docker-entrypoint-initdb.d container directory.

To mount a host directory to a container directory, we have to use volumes.

Syntax: <host directory>:<container directory>.

WARNING: You cannot mount a single file to a directory, it works just for directories.

Final docker-compose.yml:

version: "3.7"
    container_name: "app_db"
    image: "postgres:11.5-alpine"
      - ./pg-init-scripts:/docker-entrypoint-initdb.d

The ${DB_USER} syntax means that the DB_USER value is read from automatically loaded .env file placed inside the same directory as docker-compose.yml.

Corresponding .env:


Remember, you shouldn’t commit env files! Create and commit .env-example file with empty secret values instead.

If you want to use a different path (e.g .env-docker), define env_file in docker-compose.yml:

  - ./.env-docker

Now, with every piece in place, run docker-compose up to start the service.

Happy coding!

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